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QSC Cinema Speakers

Product Title: QSC Cinema Speakers
Sub Category: Cinema Speakers
Manufacturer: QSC
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Link: QSC Official Website
Product Description:

DCS systems are manufactured using cinema-specific, professional grade components selected for their reliability, durability and fidelity.

For example, 3-way screen channel systems have a broader mid-range response that captures more dialogue with a single device to improve vocal imaging and intelligibility. Mid/Hi systems are designed with extreme wide-angle coverage so everyone in stadium-style venues can share the same acoustic experience. Massive mid-range drivers are engineered to effortlessly produce sound that’s distortion-free and more pleasing to the ear. User-selectable mid/hi passive crossovers with active protection circuitry make bi-amp or tri-amp operation easy and deliver superb 3-way performance even in bi-amp mode. Surround loudspeakers are also tuned to perform as an array to create the clarity an audience expects from professional quality cinema