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Dynamic Signage


We live in a new digital era. In a changing world that must follow the new technology to enter the new digital way of promotion and advertising, Digital Signage. Now you can say everything about your business through a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words, now you can choose your own.

What is Dynamic Signage: It is a provision of software and equipment which allows us to view multimedia content through interconnection infrastructure (Internet, 3G, etc.) to display devices such as screen TV & Projectors. The control of multi-point projection is carried out remotely via Internet. A time-scheduled live streaming content (videos, photos, text, TV program, dynamic content site) with advertisements for products and services are transmitted in real time through network technologies and Internet.

Why choose Digital Signage: One of the main problems facing many businesses today is to convey the right information at the right time to the right people and place. The impression that digital signage is something alive that "runs" and not something static, makes it an exciting experience for the audience. Furthermore, the use of digital signage allows us to overcome the spatial problems.

The power of intelligence: The statistics are stored can greatly help the companies advertised. They can add valuable information to consumers in databases for ongoing marketing initiatives, increasing sizes of transactions, and quantitative return on investment. The site owners can create additional revenue from their visitors, while enhancing the guest experience part.

The power of immediacy: One of the biggest problems of the standard procedures for transferring corporate is the time required for movement from point A to point B. The digital signage allows immediate information at multiple points in a targeted and filtered material. This is a powerful piece of digital signage over other conventional methods are time consuming.

The power of personalization: Different types of approaches for different individuals or groups. This means that the content you see a consumer has been specially adapted for profile